1. Replication Factor vs RAID.

Replication Factor vs RAID.

Nutanix documentaiton states:

RAID has been a popular way of protecting against drive failures
while limiting the extra storage capacity required. Rebuilding a
multi-TB drive can take days to complete, creating a risk of data
loss should further failures occur. RAID has gone from single to
double and even triple-parity to try to reduce this risk.

Nutanix Replication Factor (RF) eliminates reliance on RAID, the
need for expensive spare drives that sit idle, and the performance
penalty that comes with multiple parity calculations.

If one disk / node in failing in a Nutanix cluster, what will happen when it is replaced? It will be rebuilt from data that is still live on the other nodes. So it is exactly like RAID, isn't it? Change my mind if you do not agree.

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